"The Serralles Group is the company to do business with. God knows I had no idea how I was going to help my grandfather overcome such a tremendous fight to live out his life in his home he built with his own hands . Mr. Seralles and his assistant Heiress fought for us like we were all family. I'm forever grateful to them for every time they met us outside of business hours, made phone calls an hunt down people to stay on task on behalf of my grandfather. Mr. Seralles & Heiress are hard working people. I was skeptical when he stated he really want to help out the Bay Area. This dude is sincere and I hope God enlarges his business to help out other families who have no clue how to be a shark in this ocean of legal terms that can lead to homelessness without a gem like him & Heiress."

Ms. Blossom

"I had the pleasure of working with Heiress Pearse of The Serralles Group. My experience with Heiress was very enjoyable. She is very professional and top notch in her profession.
Heiress worked extremely hard making sure that as a client, I was informed from the beginning of the process to the very end.
Heiress is the type of realtor that goes above and beyond for her clients. In this sellers market, Heiress and I must have seen 15 to 20 homes and as I was going insane, Heiress kept reinforcing me to hang in there, because we were going to find a home to fit my needs.
If house hunting in this market wasn’t challenging enough, during the home buying process my son’s car was hit and totaled and because my deal was still active and in underwriting, I could not move around any money from one account to the next. I could not go out and make a huge car purchase until after closing. I then gave my personal car to my son who is away in college for his transportation needs. I a now without a car until this transaction is over. Luckily I work from home but then closing day came……
When closing day finally arrived, Heiress picked me up and drove me to my closing, which was in the next county and drove me back home and because I did not received my keys on closing. Heiress drove back to the title company again to grab the keys and bring them to me in the next county.
Though I could have taken an Uber or a Lift Heiress was there to help me To me that meant a lot. It’s a small thing that speaks volumes to the type of service you will received with Heiress as your realtor and the type of person she is because anyone else may not have done that.
She even presented me with celebration gift.
Thank you, Heiress Pearse your heard work was greatly appreciated."

Lisa Oglesby

"Great people very helpful"

Eddie is very knowledgeable about real estate and wants to teach every one.

Es un lugar donde se le ayuda a buscar casa un lugar para vivir a obtener la casa de su sueño

Eddie is a great guy and explains things easily. He is really helpful and honest. He is not out to take you for all your money like some people are. He gives classes on investing.

Eddie is great to work with and knows tons about the market in the Tampa area. He has been doing this for years and really knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend Eddie Serralles for all your real estate needs. He is working for your best interests and has a lot to bring to the table! I will  definitely be working with him in the future!